Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Myth of the AIS "Glamazons"

Something is bugging me about the popular press portrayal of women with AIS and/or CAIS. We're said to all look alike: tall, striking looks, perfect skin, beautiful hair, and a body that just won't stop...

Every day there's some blogger speculating about another super model or actress who must have AIS... "She totally must have it! Look how tall and curvy she is. That can't be 'natural'."

And just as often the speculation is followed by some snide remarks... "I'd hit that!" one guy will exclaim. "Huhuhhuh... she's a man!" pipes in another. "Well she certainly looks a little man-like if you look closely," comes another comment.

Beavis and Butthead's comments aside, everyone seems to be latching on to this idea that we all look the same. When in reality, there is much variety among the CAIS and partial AIS set as there is among XX women. Though one might be able to say we are taller than average as a whole, I'd say that's where the similarities end.

We are short, tall and average height. We are curvy, plump, slight, and slim. We are cute girl-next-door types, gorgeous bombshells, and Plain Janes. We are gay, straight, and bisexual. Some of us girly, others more rugged. Some of us are athletes. Some of us models. Some of us teachers, executives, postal workers, secretaries, or stay-at-home moms.

We are in virtually all ways but genetic, just like all the other women you see every day. You may have even met some of us and never even known it.

So stop the hunt--please. You're really not getting anywhere...


  1. Not just gentically different mind you.There are also the testiculs. Some AIS women have hidden testiculs. Not that I am saying it makes them any less a woman. Any less than as the benign tumor that hideously disfigures my already abnormally grotesque face makes me a walking cancer. Except that my zodiac sign is cancer.. So maybe I am... Cancerous..? What am I talking about? Where am I? I feel cold and scared here!

  2. Umm... interesting response. Yes, AIS women DO have hidden testicles. You're right about that. Most of us have them removed, and most of us have them removed without us even knowing that they were testicles and not ovaries. AIS women have lived for thousands of years before surgery and before genetic testing, and no one was the wiser that we weren't just plain ol' women who didn't have periods and couldn't have kids. So does that make us male? Not really.

    I'm not sure if your comment was meant to be funny. If it was, I'm sorry but you failed...

  3. Funny? Maybe.. I am really just half conciously perusing obscure medical conditions while trying to kill the last couple hours of work.