Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Results of Disclosure

So... the guy I mentioned a few posts ago has become a bigger part of my life than I expected.  Between then and now, I disclosed to him about my having AIS, before things got too intimate.  He was incredibly cool about it, and continues to amaze me the more I get to know him.  He is truly a remarkable person.

I've decided to refrain from posting much about my personal life outside of AIS, here on the blog.  Not because I am too sensitive about my personal life, but because many of the readers here know who I am in real life, and I am not sure I am wholly comfortable telling all of them the intimate details of my daily life. :)  Rest assured though, that I am actually NOT closeted about having AIS.  Though I do use a pen name here, I find it useful to separate my persona for other reasons not related to being X,Y or intersex.

But back to my disclosure to this amazing person.  Not only has this given me hope for myself in meeting someone really, really wonderful...  This supports the strong belief I have that disclosure is more often than not a positive thing, and that for those of you who fear to tell a potential boyfriend/girlfriend or friend about this portion of your life, more often than not, people are cooler than you might imagine about it.

The fear of disclosure, and the feelings that I have harbored over not telling someone have always been worse than the consequences of actually just "coming out" and telling them.

Best of luck to you all in disclosing as well when the time is right for you.