Monday, March 26, 2012

Outed At Work! - Part 2

In follow up to my last post where a colleague coincidentally came across my photo on the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Wikipedia page, I just wanted to mention that this has been no big deal.  I sent my colleague a short Facebook message (since we are Facebook friends, but don't really hang out at all except for an occasional group lunch in the corporate cafeteria) mentioning that I had heard he had found out, and was available to answer any questions he had.  His response was along the lines of "Meh... No big deal," and it's been dropped since then.

I've found that this condition is usually "no big deal" to most people who find out.  I think that some of us with AIS or other DSD/intersex conditions find it a much bigger deal than those people around us.  Not to downplay it for those of you for whom it is a big deal.  But as a friend of mine is fond of saying - it's simultaneously the biggest, most important, and the smallest, most trivial thing.  How much it matters really depends on where you are in your life and in dealing with it.  For me, it's made me who I am today in so many ways, but is one of the last things on my mind on a busy day balancing work, friends, family, and health in general.