Sunday, February 28, 2010

AIS in Chinese

I am pleased to say that I figured out how to say/write "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome" in Chinese:


This might not make a hill of difference to anyone reading, but as a Chinese-American who has not been able to yet become fully proficient in her parent's mother tongue, I was pretty pleased with myself for managing to figure it out based on Google and a Chinese dictionary.

I googled the term and there are a good number of hits, though I can't really read more than 10% of it. ;-) Wish I could, because I'd love to see what is going on in Chinese media and medicine about the condition. Anyone out there know of how the condition is perceived in the non-Western world?


  1. I don't know about China, but out of Japan comes the animae, Ranma 1/2. It is about a boy who turns into a girl when he gets splashed with cold water. Perhaps more familiar over there.

  2. Japan seems a bit more comfortable than we are with gender bending, and some blurriness around boundaries. In some ways anyway. Although I will say that a friend of mine in Japan saw a TV segment on AIS about six months ago. And a woman was interviewed, her face pixelated to hide her identity, and she spoke of a great deal of shame and fear in letting anyone know about it.

    The consensus among a lot of Asian-descended intersex people I have encountered (online) is that parents just don't want to talk about it. Mine included.