Monday, August 9, 2010

Revision of AIS on Wikipedia

Several women with AIS and related conditions and I made a major revision to the Wikipedia page for Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome last week.

Previously, a photo of a man with a "micropenis" was the only image shown. He was standing there naked, with a tanline around the watch area visible, and a black box obscuring his face. Classic medical photo "protecting" the subject's identity but inherently also casting shame on the condition. Furthermore, the vast majority of individuals affected with AIS look more female than male and identify as such. This photo was clearly not an accurate representation of the syndrome.

A friend with AIS removed the photo and replaced it with our own: A beautiful color photo of a dozen plus women with AIS and other similar DSDs, all fully clothed and smiling. Check it out on the Wikipedia page under the heading "Variations produced by androgen insensitivity".

This photo was taken at a conference held a few weekends ago for women with AIS and related conditions (Swyer's Syndrome, CAH, and others). I of course was in attendance. It was a great weekend and I will talk more about it when I have time. For now though, the workday is calling my name!

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