Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AIS-DSD Annual Conference July 7-10

I wanted to follow up on my last post with a much more upbeat one, and mention how very excited I am about the upcoming AIS-DSD Annual Conference in Seattle, July 7-10.

I know of a few of you who read this blog who have NOT yet attended a conference (and might be a little bit intimidated), and a few of you who already attend. Whatever the case, please consider coming! (It won't be as scary as you anticipated!) Not only is this a great opportunity for education and support, but it is a fantastic way to meet dozens of other women and teens affected by AIS and other DSDs, as well as their spouses, partners, children and families. We have a tremendous amount of fun at these get-togethers. If that were NOT the case, I don't think anyone would go. :)

You will find some high-level information here, on the new AIS-DSD Support Group website (formerly known as AISSG-USA).

I hope to see some new faces this year...

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