Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brief Updates

I met an amazing guy very recently. If experience has taught me anything about blogging - even somewhat anonymously - and having a pretty open, candid dialogue about my having AIS with the new people in my life - it's that I should stop posting any potentially personally-identifiable details here so disaster does not ensue.

So I will say no more, other than I am excited to have met someone with such a great depth of character, who has had to grapple with a lot of unplanned events, as well as struggle with issues surrounding faith and personal identity. I am only just beginning to get to know this person so have not needed to "disclose" anything, but I am hopeful that he will appreciate my own recent revelations and see the parallels between his journey and mine. In the meantime, we will need to wait a bit to see what kind of role he might play in my life.

In other news - I got my medical records from my gynecologist of almost two decades past. They were not very revealing. They did not tell me anything I did not already know, and in some respects seemed a bit incomplete. They made reference to a letter from my surgeon (which I acquired separately). I wonder if they were selective in what they sent to me?

At any rate, I think I have everything I will ever receive now, and that is enough. I wrote and sent letters to both the gyno and the surgeon and made them aware of my knowledge of my condition and asked that they give my contact information to other women and families facing these circumstances. I also sent similar letters to some doctors in my current area. I have still not heard anything from anyone, but hope to get at least a response or two.

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